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   Facts About Houston, Texas

According to the 2010 U.S. Census data, the population of Asians in U.S. grew by 43.3% from 2000 to 2010. In Texas, the Asian population grew by an incredible 71.5% during that period.

Houston, Texas has now become one of the hottest cities for new immigrants to America, with an immigrant growth rate comparable to New York City, and about 50% higher than Chicago or Boston.

Texas is the second most populated state in U.S., with Houston, Dallas, San Antonio all ranked in the Top Ten most populated cities in USA.

  • Houston, Texas, USA, is the 4th largest city in America, and is the oil and energy capital of the world.
  • It is the Headquarter of NASA’s Johnson Space Center
  • Houston’s Texas Medical Center is the world’s largest concentration of health care and research institutions.
  • It is home of the world famous Houston Rockets NBA basketball team featuring China’s Yao Ming.
  • Houston is centrally located in middle of the country between east and west coast, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It has nice warm weather and produces fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood throughout the year.
  • Most importantly, Houston offers one of the lowest cost of living in the nation. Neither the State of Texas nor the City of Houston has income taxes.
  • Population in Harris County, where Houston is located, increased by 20.3% in the last decade, the second highest growth rate among all counties in the nation.
  • Texas is home to 64 Fortune 500 companies, more than any other state, in a variety of industries. Houston has the second most Fortune 500 companies headquarters behind only to New York City.
  • In 2008 and in 2010, Texas was ranked No.1 by CNBC as the top state for business. For four years in a row, Texas ranked No. 1 under the Economy sector.
  • In June 7, 2010 edition of Forbes magazine, Houston was featured in the article “Houston: the Model City”. In the middle of a national recession, Houston continues to grow and home prices remain stable. Between 2000 and 2009, Houston’s employment grew by 260,000. In comparison, Greater New York City has added only 96,000 jobs during the same period, while Chicago lost 258,000 jobs, San Francisco lost 217,000 jobs, and Los Angeles lost 168,000 jobs.
  • Another Forbes article ranked Houston the “Best City for Young Professionals”
  • The Port of Houston is the world’s 10th largest port based on tonnage handled. It is the No.1 Port in U.S. based on international tonnage handled.
  • Houston is truly an international city with 89 countries have consular offices established here, including China.
  • Some of the best universities and medical schools are located in Houston or nearby, such as Rice University, University of Texas, Baylor College of Medicine, etc.
  • For housing, not only Houston offers the most affordable housing choices, Houston also has the most large master planned communities, offering the best lifestyle to raise families.
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