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Our Group of Consultants include one of the best U.S. immigration attorneys and one of the largest immigration law firms in USA to handle all our client's immigration or visa processing. Other consultants will provide company formation, training, accounting, management, sponsors, student host families, etc. services in association with client’s immigration needs.

Immigration Services include processing the following visas:

  • B–1 visa application and sponsorship – visitors for business
  • B–2 visa application – visitors for pleasure (tourists or for medical treatments)
  • E–1 or E–2 Treaty Investors – Nationals of countries with which the United States has a treaty relationship who are coming to the U.S. to engage in trade or to direct or develop the operations of a business in which they have made substantial investments. For example, Taiwan is a treaty country while P.R of China is not.
  • F–1 Student visa application – See Foreign Student Section
  • J–1 Temporary Exchange Visitors – For individuals who seek to enter the U.S. for a temporary period in order to serve in one of the following capacities: teacher, professor or research scholar, short–term scholar, trainee or intern, college student, nonacademic specialist, foreign physician, camp counselor, or summer student in a travel/work program.
  • H–1B visa application – Foreign professionals who are sponsored by a U.S. employer to work in a specialty occupation in the U.S.
  • L–1A and L–1B visa applications for intracompany transferees – executives or senior management personnel (and their families) coming to U.S. branch company. For more information, please refer to “L–1 Immigration Program”
  • EB–5 Investors Green Card Program – See “EB–5 Green Card Program” for details.
  • Applying Green Card, citizen, or extending a stay

For more details of each type of visa or green card rules, regulations, check list, and costs, please contact us to arrange for a private consultation session.

   A Summary of EB–5 Investors Green Card Program

Here is a quick summary of the EB–5 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program Requirements:

Investors may be eligible for an EB–5 immigrant visa if they have invested, or are actively in the process of investing, the required amount of capital into a new commercial for profit enterprise, and employed the required minimum number of U.S. employees.

  1. Standard capital investment requirement for an EB–5 investor is US $1 million. Unlike the Regional Center arrangement as described below, this can be achieved in a private qualified project whereby investors will retain the full control. The business location can be anywhere in U.S. and the investor can choose his own employees, and engaged in all management decisions. Such business project does not require any matching investment funds from local sources so investors can proceed and obtain their green card in as little as five months.
  2. The capital investment requirement may be reduced to $500,000 if the investment is in a Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) which are generally distressed areas with very high unemployment or rural areas in the middle of nowhere. All investments in a TEA must participate in a pre–approved Regional Center project. In other words, investors will simply invest their money as shareholders in a large project managed and controlled by others. In addition to the minimum $500,000 capital investment money, each investor will be required to pay an up front fee of $25,000 to $50,000 for his share of the costs of managing the Regional Center. Projects in a distressed area is generally more risky and they tend to be a much longer term project due to the massive size of the project and the likelihood of slow income. On top of this, the project management is handled by people the investors do not know and have no authority to control. This means there is no exit strategy after they obtained their Green Cards. Therefore, this type of EB–5 investment is definitely not suitable for short term investors. Many of the TEA projects are required by the government to secure 50% of the required capital from local source and 50% from foreign EB–5 investors. Most of these TEA projects are huge projects needing hundreds of million of dollars. To solicit 50% of such investment funds locally in a distressed area under the current depressed market is extremely difficult, to say the least. Even if such local funds can be found, the project will still need to find possibly 100 or more EB–5 foreign investors to jointly invest in the project before it can even break ground. Needless to say, many of the TEA projects around the country are stuck with foreign investors money sitting idle in an escrow account for a very long time without the project ever break ground. Although the investors may still obtain their conditional green cards when the $500,000 is escrowed with a TEA project, but after two years, if the project has not employed at least ten people per EB–5 applicant (100 applicants would require to create 1,000 new jobs), those conditional green cards will be terminated. While a majority of the attorneys and promoters are heavily promoting the lower $500,000 EB–5 green card program, few people were told of the down side risks until their conditional green cards are terminated and their money is gone. While we can assist investors in both types of EB–5 investment programs, we want our clients to fully understand why the easy, quick, and low risk regular $1 million EB–5 investment is better than the $500,000 EB–5 TEA projects.

Under the EB–5 rules, each EB–5 investor must demonstrate that their capital investment will create at least ten (10) jobs for U.S. workers (unrelated citizen or green card holders). As long as the above requirements are met, each EB–5 investor will obtain a conditional green card for two years. If the business continues to operate and meets all the financial and employment requirements during the two years, the green card conditions will be removed after two years and it will be converted to a permanent green card. Currently, approximately 90% to 95% of all EB–5 applications are approved. Current cycle of time for approval process is about five months.

Although the EB–5 program is relatively simple and straight forward, investors are urged to apply extra precaution and due diligence of their own to avoid fraud by promoters without proper references. Some of these promoters are scam artists who took investors money and disappeared. Other may help you get the conditional green card after you invested $500,000, and then fail to obtain the permanent green card after two years. By then you will have to return to your home country and your money may be stuck in a long term investment you have no control. We urge each investor to conduct his/her own due diligence and implement ample security measures to protect his/her investment. All immigration works (aside from simple visa applications) should be handled by attorneys experienced in immigration laws. Any real estate project should be handled by experienced developers, licensed engineers, architects, and real estate brokers. All real property purchase should be insured by a reputable title insurance company to make sure all liens are released at the time of the purchase.

Our organization has a group of professional consultants to assist you every step of the way throughout your investment and Green Card process. Our professionals will never participate in any fraud schemes, whether it’s against the investors or against the government. We have some intensive research and have assembled a list of potential EB–5 investments to recommend to investors.

   EB–5 Process and Our Services

As we mentioned above, EB–5 program is the fastest and perhaps the surest route to obtain a U.S. permanent residence green card for an investor without direct family ties to a U.S. citizen. Since the US $500,000 minimum investment route may have a lot of restrictions investors cannot or unwilling to comply, we will focus on the US $1 million minimum investment which enables the investor to create his/her own U.S. Company and operate a business of his own choice, and remain in full control of his/her investment.

Due to the complexity involved, the investor will need more than an immigration attorney to apply for EB–5. In order to qualify, the investor must show sufficient proofs that he is “in the process” of investing $1 million into a new for profit enterprise. In other words, at the time the investor applies for EB–5, a complete business plan must be in place, a substantial portion of the $1 million is in escrow, and at least some of the following items are already in place.

  1. Consultation & Exploration Phase
    1. Initial consultation with our Group or an overseas representative.
    2. Business exploration trip to U.S. – If the investor does not already have valid visa to visit USA, we will issue sponsor letter and assist in B–1 or B–2 visa application, schedule visa interview, handle fee payment, etc. We can assist in travel bookings, if needed.
    3. Upon arrival to Houston, Texas, USA, our group leaders will be making detail presentation of the best investment opportunities identified by our research team. Our recommendations will cover a variety of different industries for the investor to choose. We will also go over Investor’s protection measures and our service engagement fees and contract
    4. After the business portion of the initial visit is completed, we will arrange the investor short tours of Houston, Texas, and some of the top schools for investor’s children if interested.
  2. Commitment and Set Up Phase
    1. Once the investor has decided to move forward and narrowed down to the kind of business he/she prefers, we will arrange an initial meeting with one of the top immigration attorneys for a preliminary consultation.
    2. If the investor has decided to engage our full turnkey services before or after he/she returns to home country, Investor will sign an engagement contract, authorize us to proceed with EB–5 application and business plan.
    3. We will create and register a new U.S. Company for the EB–5 business.
    4. We will help the investor to set up an escrow account in a U.S. bank, to be controlled solely by the investor for investor’s protection. This is the account whereby the investor’s US $1 million will be documented and kept for the purpose of meeting the EB–5 requirements. We recommend an initial deposit of $400,000 to $500,000 into this escrow account as evidence of “in the process of investing at least $1 million”.
    5. We will then set up another business operating account whereby one of our group leaders will be designated as the investor’s account manager and an authorized signer on this operating account, in addition to the investor. The account manager will submit a budget for the investor’s approval once or twice a month depends on needs. Once a budget is approved, the investor will authorize certain funds be transferred from the escrow account to the operating account, thereby allowing the investor the full control of the business operation and funds at all times.
    6. Our licensed real estate broker will conduct a business location search and negotiate leasing or purchase office, retail, or warehouse spaces, whichever is applicable.
  3. Implementation Phase
    1. Engage an immigration attorney to start the EB–5 application.
    2. Our team of architect and engineer will design the building or tenant improvements for the business. If the business involving the purchase of one or more franchises, our group of professionals will assist the investor to negotiate the franchise purchase price, territory rights, and franchise contract.
    3. Our professional graphic design team will assist the design of logo, signage, stationary, brochure, web site, etc.
    4. We will help set up the business with the purchase of all necessary equipment, machines, furniture, and supplies.
    5. We will assist in the recruit and hiring of staff, training by an experienced professional in that line of business, all in compliance with the EB–5 requirements.
    6. Our professional accountant will help set up payroll and Quickbooks Pro accounting system for the business.
    7. Our Tax Pro will assist in setting up proper tax accounts, sales tax permits if applicable, franchise tax filing, etc.
    8. Our marketing professional will assist in the marketing of the new business.
    9. We will also assist in the registration of any trademarks or logo for the protection of the new business.
  4. Conditional Green Card Phase
    1. In about 5 months, the business should be in full operation and the investor and his/her immediate family will receive the Conditional Green Cards.
  5. Permanent Green Card “Final” Phase
    1. Approximately two years after receiving the Conditional Green Cards, our immigration attorney will process investor’s application to convert them into permanent green cards. Our management and accounting team will assist in the preparation of all financial and operating documents required by the US Immigration Department.
   L–1 Process and Our Services

L–1 visa program is perhaps the most popular route of immigration to the U.S. since it does not require as much investment capital as the EB–5 program. However, in order to qualify for L–1 visas, there must be an on going established parent company in a foreign country, plus a U.S. branch company actively in operation. In addition, the applicant must have worked at the parent company for at least one year in a senior management position before he is qualified to apply L–1. This means long before our immigration attorney help you submit the L–1 visa application, you will need our team of professionals to help you set up all the ground works to create a U.S. branch company and start actively operating the branch. If the U.S. branch is in operation for less than one year, it is harder to get L–1 approval. Even if it's approved, the initial L–1 visa will be valid for only one year. If possible, we advise our clients to allow the U.S. branch in operation for one year before applying L–1 visas. If the branch can provide proof of at least five U.S. employees with payroll records, along with a first year income tax returns, the L–1 application should easily be approved and the initial visa will be good for 3 years. Either way, the process and our services are similar to the EB–5 process above. An investor must have a team of professionals, in addition to the immigration attorney, to help set up and operate the U.S. branch company.

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