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   Foreign Student

Our Group of professionals include award winning teachers and experienced host families to assist young men and women coming to America to further their studies. It has become more and more popular for overseas families wanting to send their children to be educated in the U.S. 671,616 international students attended American colleges in 2008–2009, an all–time high record, in a trend of rapid growth the past three years. Aside from colleges, it is increasingly popular to send young children abroad for high school eduction. Not all high schools are set up to enroll foreign students. The schools must be pre–approved by the immigration office and they must be able to process the I–20 forms for the applicant. Parents of the minors must also find a host family they can trust to be the legal guardian of their children during their studies here. This is where our Group of professionals can assist parents from start to finish, without any worries.

Professional Services include:

  • Locate the most suitable high schools or colleges for the child, assist in enrollment
  • Assist in school application, budget, report cards, etc.
  • Arrange School to student phone interview
  • Arrange ISEE testing and other testing or evaluation required by the schools
  • Assist in obtaining I–20 acceptance form from school for student visa
  • Locate and place the child with the most compatible host family (language, age)
  • Assist in F–1 visa application
  • Arrange flights and transportation to welcome the child’s arrival from overseas
  • Assist in getting U.S. health insurance coverage for the child
  • Prepare legal guardian agreement and medical power of attorney
  • Assist in transportation, food, entertainment, vacation travels, extra–curriculum activities and learning (sports, music), medical needs, etc.
  • Assist in miscellaneous purchasing – computer, books, clothes, basic needs, etc.
  • Manage escrow funds set aside to take care of the child – pay tuition, bills
  • For older college kids, assist in dormitory residency, transportation, medical, and other needs.
   General Procedure for Foreign Students Program
  1. A family interested in sending their child to education in the U.S. should begin the process between December through April for the fall semester as most school admissions ends in May.
  2. Once a family has decided to send their child to U.S. for eduction, contact us directly or through one of our authorized representatives in China. The student, regardless of grade level or age, must be able to understand and speak English in order to have a chance to be admitted into any U.S. school.
  3. Provide us all the information on the child, and an initial deposit payable to U.S. Management Consulting Group, LLC.
  4. Our first job is to locate and select the schools most suitable for the student and the parents, such as academic levels, tuition costs, locations convenient to a host family if needed.
  5. After we narrow down the choices down to one, two or three, we will send the family application forms. The family will return all applications forms to the schools chosen, along with non–refundable application fees (generally range from US $150 to US $500), teacher’s recommendation letters, and three years of report cards. We will assist in translation, if needed, to the schools.
  6. Most schools will require a phone interview to make sure the student can understand English. We will make arrangement for such a phone interview between the school and the student.
  7. Next step is testing. For college students, the typical test is SAT, if available, or TOFEL, which is more common for foreign students. For high school or lower level students, most high schools require the student to take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) test for grades 4 to 12. If so, the only testing site in China is in Shanghai. Foreign testing is generally scheduled by appointments only well in advance. The test takes about 2 hours 40 minutes.
  8. After the child passes both phone interview and the ISEE test, some high schools may send test results to another educational agency for evaluation and placement recommendations.
  9. When all the above are completed, the school will issue the I–20 acceptance form so the student can then apply for F–1 student visa through the U.S. Immigration Office. We will also coordinate this process.
  10. If the student applied to more than one school, then after receiving the I–20 acceptance letters, the student/parents must decide which school to attend, and pay the tuition. Tuition and fees varies greatly depends on the schools, the grade level, whether boarding is included. It can range from a low of US $9,000 a year to as much as $39,000 a year.
  11. Once the F–1 visa is issued, the child will be allowed to travel to the U.S. within 30 days prior to the start of the school year. We will provide airport pickup, welcoming arrangements, and orientation of the school, the city, and U.S. customs. The balance of our fees will be due at this time.
  12. For room and board, college students have the option of living in the school dormitory, independent living, or share an apartment with other students. If preferred, we can also arrange a host family to take care of the college student. For high school or lower level students, a host family must be pre–arranged to meet the school and immigration’s approval. Our entity will screen and match the student with a qualified host family, including conducting a background check on the host family for precaution. Typically, we choose host families with a non full time working mother who has one or more school age children of her own, or retired couples whose grown up children moved away. The host family will provide care for the child 7 days a week, except during holidays when the child travels back home. The host family will be the legal guardian of the child during his/her stay. Very few high schools offer boarding facilities at this time but we expect to see more in the near future. Typical host family cost is $1,500 per month, including a private room with basic furniture such as a bed, night stand, dresser, and a desk and chair. All meals except lunches in school are included, plus transportation to and from school. The fees are based on an annual contract regardless whether the student returns to his/her home country during the holidays. If a family prefers a more luxurious living and lifestyle for the student, the host family fees may be increased to $1,800 per month.
  13. Lunches at school is set up by the parents with a pre–deposited account for the student. The student make his/her own choices of food at the school cafeteria, and the amount of each meal will be deducted against the student’s account like a debit card.
  14. The student will be required to purchase U.S. health insurance, regardless of whether he or she has medical coverage in his/her home country. The student’s family is responsible for any medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  15. Other expenses for the student – personal clothing, computer, books, cell phone, music or electronic devices, TV, etc. If the host family is already set up with internet and/or cable TV, the student will not incur such expenses. Otherwise, the student may order his/her own services.
  16. Host family may impose some basic obedience rules at the house, such as disallowance of pets, loud music, group partying, smoking, drugs, violence, etc. Repeated violations may result in the termination of the host family contract.
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