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   Trademark & Copyrights

Our Group of Consultants are professionals experienced in assisting clients in the registration of Trademarks, Service Marks, Patents, Copyrights – both in the state of Texas or federal nationwide registration.

A Trademark is a word, name, symbol, device, slogan, or any combination thereof which , whether registered or not, has been adopted and used by a person or business to identity his goods and distinguished them from the goods manufactured or sold by others.

Trademark or Service Mark used in interstate commerce may be registered under federal law. Patents and Copyrights registrations are done through United States Copyrights Office in the Library of Congress.

Professional Services include:

  • Preparing and filing Trademark or Service Marks – either State of Texas or federal registration nationwide.
  • Assisting in the preparation and filing of Patents & Copyrights through an experienced patent attorney
  • Conduct Patent Search prior to filing a patent
  • Professional graphic designer to assist in patent drawings, logo design, etc.
  • Prepare Confidentiality Agreement
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